Weltevreden – Photo essay


The landscape of the area between Rotterdam and The Hague is one of vulnerability and pride. With long waterways with flat bridges that provide access to perky houses.

Behind it, deep polders with sheep and greenhouses. Built-up ribbons drawing bowls of emptiness. Small nuclei with church towers mark centers of believe and togetherness. Dry feet due to an intricate system of canals and dams. Mills for water level management.

Incoherent for the first observer. There is much and variety. Small beauty of water, banks, a house and a tree. Against the odds with a positive sense. Vulnerable at the same time, as if the soft ground is dragging down human trying. A balance between insignificant drive for action and subdued providence. Wonky and proud at the same time. Holland in a nutshell.

Client: Provincie Zuid Holland, NIROV, RPD, Delft Design Type: Prijsvraag Schakelen en Schakeren Size: 100.000 woningen, 100 km2 Duration: 1993-1994 Status: Afgerond In cooperation with: Edzo Bindels, Arjan Klok