Eo Wijers 2023 – Midden Zeeland


21 September 2023

Our founder Henk Hartzema presents our research Zeelandia Midden Zeeland at the regional finals of the Eo Wijers competition. Less designing, more prioritizing.

The landscape of the Southwestern Delta in the Netherlands has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past 50 years, revealing breathtaking vistas of vastness and unspoiled beauty. However, behind this beauty lies a story of significant challenges. The Delta Works, our fortress against flooding, have redefined our region, concentrating activities within imposing embankments.

This metamorphosis places considerable stress on our social, ecological, and agricultural diversity, with traditional agriculture threatened by: sea level rise, river outflow, salinization, national energy supply and infrastructure increase. Our research boldly embraces its resilience and natural enchantment amid these trials, where the convergence of past and present will shape a distinctly unique future.

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